Port of Zeebrugge

About Zeebrugge, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Zeebrugge, Flanders, Belgium)

Aside from being an important passenger facility, the harbour of Zeebrugge also doubles as a hub for Europe's automotive industry.

Much of the industry's imports, as well as the storage and handling of various energy-related products are routed through this port.

What to do in Zeebrugge

The port of Zeebrugge has played a key role in reviving the tourism industry of Bruges. Several hundred years ago, the original harbour eroded and the majority of the traffic was lost. Today, after the port's new construction, the port of Zeebrugge has attained international status and boasts plenty of cafés, hotels, restaurants, and a stunning beach.

After the transformation of the port, the area began to rebuild its reputation as a centre for art, culture and tourism.

Tourist Attractions

One of the most popular attractions in Zeebrugge is the maritime theme park. The central display here is a Russian Foxtrot submarine which is open for visitors to the park. Another area that focuses on the region's history as a fishing centre is the Old Fish Market building, which is situated on the Zeebrugge seafront.
Daytrips out of Zeebrugge include a possible bus tour to a nearby WWI battlefield as well as tours to Ypres and Passchendale and other local sites.

Zeebrugge Port

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